Becoming More Present

One week without social media, woohoo! I can report I’m still alive and very happy I came off it.

The biggest thing I've noticed so far - I’m becoming much more present in daily life while reducing screen time. I’m paying full attention when I’m in conversation, giving complete focus when working on a project- no interruptions, noticing more things/buildings/streets/people while I’m out and about, just being 100% in the moment and observing what is going on around me. 

Since starting my business account I’ve been noticing that even when I’m physically not on my phone I’d often still be distracted thinking about social media and what’s happening on it! Its only since putting some space between me and my phone recently that I can hear the inner dialogue that was constant - wondering did my Tiktok get views, I need to reply to so and so, are there new stories up, has anyone tagged me, did I get any new followers, what work are other artists sharing, I need to think of a new reel idea, am I viral yet (lol!) etc. All these thoughts would need answers, so I’d find myself jumping in and out of my apps all day long. I was starting to notice this unhealthy habit and how I was becoming subconsciously reliant on mindless scrolling to fill any empty space in my day!

We get these impulses to log into Instagram for a quick look, to check something or because our phone pinged. We don’t acknowledge the action, or give it a conscious thought, we instantly react and the next thing you know BAM you’re not hearing what your friend is saying, you’ve lost the storyline in the show you were watching, you’ve walked the street you were on, you’ve finished your lunch, the train has arrived, 30 minutes has passed etc. etc., all while your head was in your phone.

This has happened to me so many times and I wonder what I gained from being on my phone vs what I might have seen/ learned if I was present to what was going on around me.

I’ve been chatting to friends and other small business owners about this recently and it seems I’m not alone. How about you? Do you ever find yourself automatically reaching for your phone without an actual reason to? Just out of pure habit. 

On a lighter note, I had a really busy and lovely week, I did things like print and pack orders, finished three commissions, a morning river swim in O'Briens Bridge Co. Clare, met a friend for coffee, spent three great days in Dublin with my boyfriend where we caught up with more friends, went to my first ski lesson (in Ski Ireland) , visited the Guinness Storehouse, found cute coffee spots (One Kinda Folk pictured) and browsed art shops (inc. Jam Art Factory, ). While I still love taking photos while I’m out and about, it was nice to do it without the pressure of them being good enough quality for Instagram and to think of a caption to go along with them. Here are a few of my favourites, just because :)


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Millena Torres

OMG thats so lovely and easy to read! Keep it coming!! Im off social media for a while too and don’t regret it. Time is our most valuable asset and be present is essential. Hope to find a balance when back in a future not too soon! xxx

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