Why I'm logging out!

Hi hi, welcome to my first blog post :) 

I’m typing today from the gorgeous coastal town of Bantry in West Cork, Ireland. I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a blog for months, so today is the day I finally start. My partner has work in Bantry today, so I tagged along for a change of scenery and to get some space from my home studio (& distractions) in an attempt to kickstart my little blog.

Speaking of distractions, I’ve been getting lost in the online world of social media since leaving my full time job 4 months ago to pursue my art career (I’m sure I’ll talk about my background and how I got here at some point down the line), I find myself ‘popping on’ to Instagram for a quick look or to get inspiration from what other artists are creating, but an hour later I catch myself deep down a rabbit hole of someone else’s fabulously curated and aesthetically perfect Instagram feed with loads of beautiful artwork and their own recognisable style, and I start feeling panicked about mine because I haven’t found ‘my style’ yet.

I feel this instant pressure to be painting all the time to speed up the process of unfolding my style, so I can push content on social media to get the same boujee aesthetic on my instagram. But I become frustrated as soon as I sit in front of a blank page because don’t know where to start. I can’t produce quality work with a style I haven’t discovered yet.

So, I’m committing to the journey to discover what kind of an artist I am/ want to be, and I am finally accepting that I need to have patience for this. It's going to happen in its own time and, as much as I've tried, I can't force it. I know I want to stay with watercolour and gouache as my medium but I’m exploring the idea of moving away from commissions to pursue surface design, prints and originals, for which I need to figure out my style.

I also ask myself what is my inspiration, what do I want to be recognised for, where should I be selling my work, what type of content should I post on socials, what does my brand stand for, do I even like my branding – my brain is bursting with so many questions desperately seeking answers, and they seem to be more aggressive and abundant when I’m scrolling online.  

I’ve heard comparison is the thief of joy SO many times, and it’s so true. It’s also a massive block to creativity. As much as I tell myself I need social media to stay in touch with what is going on in the world, to keep the connection with my customers & to get ideas, recently I’ve found it is hindering my progression as an artist.

So, in an attempt to settle the unrelenting questions mentioned above, to allow myself the freedom to create without the pressure of it being ‘instagram worthy’ and to gather real world inspiration,  I am making the decision to come off social media for 2 – 3 weeks, or at least until I feel confident and clear in the future direction of Studio 54. Shit, this scares me so much now that I’ve typed that!   

My website and shop is still open, and I honestly remain so very grateful for your orders, commissions and support.

To keep accountability, I will be sharing regular blog posts, so if anyone is actually reading this and wants to follow along this journey of self discovery/ whatever this unfolds to be you’ll find me here, I’m probably talking to myself, but hi if you’ve made it this far! 

Heading out now for a breezy walk by the sea to blow away the last few clouds from this afternoon’s social media frenzy.

Logging out, Rachel x

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Rachel Leahy @ Studio 54

Hi Natalia,
It makes me think why we are allowing ourselves to stay ‘plugged in’, when we know in our gut we will be far more productive and at ease if we take the plunge and log out. It’s like ripping off a plaster. If you feel you’re ready to do it, even just for a day to begin with then go for it!! Let me know how you feel, and if you catch up on those home projects and sleep! <3 x


Hi Rachel, I have been thinking about doing the same for the exact same reasons a lot.. hopefully I will do it one day, enjoy the break and find that I will catch up with life, home projects, sleep and all the rest from my to do list once not distracted by ‘inspirational feeds’ all day long xx

Rachel Leahy @ Studio 54

Hi Maria,
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment <3 I have to admit its kinda nice to hear someone else is feeling the same, and I’m sure we aren’t the only two! Let me know if you decide to take a break (it feels like such a big call to make), I’d love to know how you find it. This morning, without my phone, is already so nice – strange, but nice x


Hi Rachel, loved your post! I’ve been following you online for a few months now and have really enjoyed your looking at your work! I’m a freelance content marketing writer, and although I don’t use insta for business I feel the same pressures on LinkedIn for work. So true about constant comparing and doom scrolling, no matter how many times I set a timer or app blocker! I think I’ll be following in your footsteps and pause socials for a while too. Can’t wait to read more blog posts! Enjoy your time off Insta :) X

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